Joseph Saidian

Of Blessed Memory

1954 - 2019

Joseph Saidian lived a very incredible life. His life included many echoes of the biblical story of Yosef Hatzadik. One striking illustration is that Joseph Saidian was miraculously saved from a well that he fell into as a young boy.

Joseph served as a community leader throughout his life in many different countries. During the Iranian revolution Joseph utilized his many contacts to help countless friends and family members flee near death circumstances in Iran and continue living lives as proud Jews around the world.

Joseph was also a founding member of two synagogues in Great Neck, New York. One of them started as a small humble minyan held Friday nights in his own home for approximately ten years.

After a very long battle Joseph Saidian succumbed to cancer in March, 2019. During his final days, amidst harsh treatments and countless side effects, he woke up (following weeks of incoherence due to brain hemorrhages), turned to his son Ariel at his bedside, and very weakly said in Persian, "All these poor people... If we do not support them, then who will?!"

The Joseph Saidian Foundation was therefore created by Joseph's son Ariel Saidian to honor his father Joseph. Ariel Saidian proudly tells over that he never witnessed Joseph Saidian ask for, or receive any credit or publicity for his charity and for all he has done for others. The Joseph Saidian Foundation will be a way to finally celebrate the incredible but very humble life of Joseph Saidian.

The Joseph Saidian Foundation will continue Joseph Saidian's legacy of responsibility to the unfortunate by helping the children of Kfar Yeladim David. For years during Joseph Saidian's battle with cancer, the donations given in his merit for a refua shelema were "exchanged" for the pure prayers of the innocent children of Kfar Yeladim for his recovery. When doctors told Joseph Saidian that he was a living miracle that exceeded all medical statistics, the family knew that the Kfar Yeladim children were most certainly his guardian angels.

Now Joseph Saidian and his legacy serve as the guardian angels for the children of Kfar Yeladim who have no one else to turn to...

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